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On the day of the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE, August 21st, 2017, at 1:06:50, the exact moment of the eclipse's apex, The Po!nt ignited the aether and quietly began is mission.

106.5 The Po!nt - Your New Rock Alternative has landed!

106.5 FM simulcast on 101.7 HD3, streaming and mobile at 106point5.com

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Esports has become a world-wide phenomenon.

Esports is on the brink of passing the NFL in terms of fan popularity and video gaming is now displacing Pop Warner Football, Youth Hockey and Little League.

College campuses have now dedicated athletic resources, are building major esports arenas and gaming centers, offering full-ride scholarships, and academic majors  to appeal to college students that are demanding career-oriented educational and competitive experiences centered around video gaming.

As is the case for the pop culture and celebrity scene, video gaming is on a rampage to dominate this segment of pop culture, too.  Who would have ever thought that the younger generation would value video games as much as they do their music!


Nerd Network News is a radio show produced by nerds for nerds!  

NNN takes a fun, satirical approach to the typical news program & it's done in full cosplay!

A wide range of topics are covered like DND, gaming, tech, comics, manga, anime, conventions, local events and film.

Wolfie & Moony are your hosts.  "We got our start in 2021 when we decided to attend our first con, Crypticon. We thought 'This will be fun! We've always wanted to go to a con!' Then we thought 'Why not go in costume? We can sew!' and... much like what happed after we played DND for the first time... This is our lives now."

Listeners can look forward to daily updates (M-F) on a wide range of topics. Is there a rule change affecting your favorite tabletop game?  Favorite comfort series getting rebooted or getting a movie? Looking for upcoming games? Want to walk through a con but can't make it in person?

Tune in to Nerd Network News, we've got you covered!

Listen weekdays at 7am, 9am, 3pm and 11pm for Nerd Network News.

NNN Website
TRI-COUNTY BROADCASTING : 1010 2nd Street North, P.O. Box 366, Sauk Rapids 56379 : (320) 252-6200 or FAX (320) 252-9367
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